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DYPS-T seeria aluse / plaadi spetsiaalne purusti


The special crusher for pallet and plate is mainly designed and developed for wide-format and small-thick plate and pallet. It adopts a special rotor and a unique feeding hopper form, which is convenient for the feeding of trays and wide-width plate products. Wide-width products do not need to be cut, reducing the recycling process, saving energy, reducing labor intensity, reducing costs, and improving the efficiency of recycling.


MUDELFeed Mouth SizePeamine mootorivõimsusRootori labaFikseeritud teraRotor Dia.Väljund
DYPS-T12001200 × 100090-13210 / 14 / 184 / 6Φ8001000
DYPS-T15001500 × 1000110-20014 / 184 / 6Φ10001200