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DYSS-seeria väike ühevõlliline purustaja


DYSS small single shaft shredder is a widely used shredding equipment, perfect design can meet the waste recycling require- ments of various industries. It is suitable for a wide variety of plastic, such as lump block materials, pipes, woven bags, and a variety of waste cables, wood, waste paper and electronic waste. According to the plastic produce and the next needs to choose the appropriate mesh aperture to determine the size of the shredded material, the shredded material can be directly recycled or further finely crushed.


MUDELRotor DiaAjami võimsusRootori labaFikseeritud teraCrushing Chamber Size Max.
DYSS-600Φ20018.5234600 × 500
DYSS-1000Φ40045696980 × 800
DYSS-1400Φ4007560101350 × 800