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HDPE High-speed Energy-Saving Pipe Extrusion Line


This production line is a new high speed energy saving pipe extrusion line developed by Jwell company, which is suitable for high speed extrusion of HDPE,PP and other polyolefin pipes. Compared with the regular production line, its energy-saving effect can reach about 35% and the production efficiency is double increased. It not only saves the space and labor cost, but also improves the efficiency. The production line has features of beautiful appearance, high degree of automation and stable perfor- mance. Pipes produced by this machine has the moderate rigidity, strength, as well as good flexibility, anti-rot, anti-stress split, and favorable hot melting, make the pipe considered as the prefer product for water and gas system in cities.It is suitable for pipe range 16mm-2000mm.


Peamine tehniline parameeter

LiinitüüpEkstruuderi mudelPipe Range(mm)Max kiirus (m / min)Maksimaalne võimsus (kg / h)
PE32S60 / 4016-3280 (40 * 2)300-360
PE6360 / 4016-3240300-360
PE63S75 / 3816-3270 (35 * 2)400-500
PE11060 / 4020-11030300-360
PE16060 / 4050-16015350-450
PE25075 / 3875-2508.0550-650
PE31575 / 38110-3156.0550-650
PE45090 / 38160-4502.4600-750
PE50090 / 38160-5002.4600-750
PE800120 / 38400-8001.01000-1300
PE1000120 / 38500-10001.01000-1300
PE120090/38x 2630-12000.81000-1600
PE1600120/38 + 90/381000-16000.61000-1700
PE2000120/38 + 90/381200-20000.51000-2000