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TPE Foot Pad Extrusion Line


Car mat is almost all necessary things on the vehicle, in addition to the common silk circle mat, leather mat and suede mat, there is a new material called TPE mat recently.

Toimivus ja funktsioon

1.TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer.It is a kind of injection-process- able material, with excellent coloring, high strength, high rebound, environ- mental protection, non-toxic, safe.

2.TPE foot pad has good fatigue resistance, temperature resistance, weath- er resistance, processing without vulcanization. Different plasticizers can be recycled.In addition, TPE floor MATS are safe and non-toxic, do not contain additives, and do not emit odor at high temperatures in summer.

3.TPE footpad is very wear-resistant and has long service life due to its material characteristics.

Peamine tehniline spetsifikatsioon

MUDELJWS 120/60-1800JWS 130/70-1800
Ekstruuderi spetsifikatsioon∮120/38、∮60/35∮130/38、∮70/35
Thickness of the product1-5mm1-5mm
Max extrusion capacity450kg / h

650kg / h